Anja Smith

Anja Smith

Life Enrichment Director

I have been working with seniors over the past 15+ years and have found my passion in the Life Enrichment Department. Working with anybody’s abilities brings me joy and fulfillment. I like to focus on what the individual can do, and not on what they cannot anymore, by bringing quality activities to the folks I serve. My goal each day is to make everybody’s day a little brighter than before they spent time with my team and me.

I grew up in Germany, and when I was in my very early 20’s, I met my husband, who was serving in the army. We got married in Denmark and within a few years we had four children. They are all grown now, and we love spending time with our grandchildren. My hobbies are photography, arts and crafts, and I deeply enjoy meeting new people, because everybody has a unique story.

We're thrilled to have Anja join us as our Life Enrichment Director! She has a lot of new and exciting ideas to improve the quality of activities for our residents. She has great organizational skills and has jumped right into schedule outings that have been enjoyed by all.

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