COVID-19 Update – 1/21/21

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Byron Center Manor has stayed up to date with safety protocols and recommendations from experts. Our residents enjoy the privacy of personal living spaces, engaging activities, assistance from trained caregivers, and the company of neighbors who become friends. We look forward to welcoming families and visitors as soon as possible and will provide updates to loved ones when they are available. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please call (616) 878-3300 or contact us online.


Whether routine or emergent, doctor visits are allowed as of February 1st. Prior to February 1st, the doctor’s visit must be deemed essential by Byron Center Manor Neighborhood Manager. Family and resident sign-in and sign-out required.


All appointments of this nature are allowed as of February 1st. Family and resident sign-in and sign-out required.


Window visits, closed or open window, are allowed with 24 hours’ notice scheduled with the neighborhood manager.


Communal dining is opening for our residents as of February 1st, with social distancing precautions still in place.


For Assisted Living and Independent Living residents, families may take their resident out for grocery shopping trips with a time limit of 2-hour max. Family and resident sign-in and sign-out required.


All staff continue to wear masks and face shields. Residents are to wear their masks at all times outside of their rooms, whether it be a walk through the halls on-site or while off-site at an appointment.


Starting February 1st, religious gatherings may continue, whether it be going off-site to attend or an on-site gathering at our facility, in which masks and social distancing will all still be required.


We will continue to test all staff and residents per Health Department Guidelines until further notice.


On-site vaccination clinics provided for mandatory resident vaccination. For our comprehensive vaccination policy, contact the office at 616-878-3300.

*These policy requirements and guidelines are subject to change without notice, as we are subject to the advisement of the Health Department for the most relevant and adequate protections for the safety of our residents and their families, as well as our staff.

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